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Język angielski

Priorytety na LISTOPAD.

SŁOWNICTWO Rooms: kitchen,living room, bathroom, bedroom Furniture: table, chair, sofa, bed, window, door UTRWALANE Przyimki miejsca: in, on, under, Zwierzęta , Liczby: 1- 10 STRUKTURY Where’s the ball? In the kitchen. How many? Are you (sleeping)? PIOSENKI IN THE JUNGLE In the jungle, the quiet jungle The lion sleeps tonight In the jungle, the quiet jungle The lion sleeps tonight

Priorytety na PAŹDZIERNIK.

SŁOWNICTWO Czynności : wake up, wash , brush, comb, eat, go Dni tygodnia Utrwalanie Pogoda: red, yellow, green, orange, brown, pink, blue, purple, black Jedzenie: breakfast, bread, butter, ham, milk, tea, cheese, STRUKTURY I lke… / I don’t like Do you like….?  Yes./No. I wash my face. In the morning PIOSENKI Days of The Week Song For Kids Monday, Tuesday,

Priorytety na WRZESIEŃ.

SŁOWNICTWO USEFUL PHRASES: Hello/ Good morning / Good aftrenoon / Good evening / Excuse me / Sorry / Please / Thank you UTRWALANE Kolory: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, black, white, grey, pink Liczby: 1-5 Polecenia: Sit down , Stand up, Go, Stop, Make a circle STRUKTURY How are you? It’s time to go. See you later. PIOSENKI See


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