Priorytety na WRZESIEŃ.

USEFUL PHRASES: Hello/ Good morning / Good aftrenoon / Good evening / Excuse me / Sorry / Please / Thank you
Kolory: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, black, white, grey, pink Liczby: 1-5
Polecenia: Sit down , Stand up, Go, Stop, Make a circle

How are you? It’s time to go. See you later.


See You Later, Alligator

Godbye, goodbye.
It’s time to go!
Goodbye, goodbye.
I don’t want to go!
See you later, alligator.
Bye bye bye, butterfly.

Magic words

When I wake up
Good morning!
And after lunch
Good afternoon!
It is time to sleep
Good night!
Let’s learn the magic words!
Excuse me!
Can you help me?
I am sorry!
I was so wrong.
I want my milk.
Thank you very much!